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Don Feder

Don Feder

Don Feder is a graduate of Boston University College of Liberal Arts and BU Law School. He’s admitted to the practice of law in New York and Massachusetts. For 19 years, he was an editorialist and staff columnist for the Boston Herald, New England’s second largest newspaper. During those years, the Herald published over 2,000 of his columns. Mr. Feder is currently a consultant and Coalitions Director of the Ruth Institute.

Columns by Don Feder

Democrats disregard for sex and abortion illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Democrats’ sexual ethics: Civilization hangs in the balance

Former President Bill Clinton is back in the news in connection with the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Mr. Clinton and sex scandals seem to go together like human feces and the streets of San Francisco. Published January 14, 2024

The United Nations in Gaza illustration by Greg Groesch / The Washington Times

Move the United Nations to Gaza

Since the United Nations is anti-American to its rotten core, wouldn't it be happier somewhere else? The war in Gaza is the perfect opportunity to relocate the world body to a more congenial clime. Published December 22, 2023

Israel's Christian allies illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

I’m grateful for Israel’s Christian allies

Given the outpouring of Christian support for what Muslim radicals call the Zionist entity, today, we could say, "You don't have to be Jewish to love Israel." Published November 25, 2023

Hatred of Conservatives and Republicans Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Are proponents of limited government fascists?

If you're a member of a lunatic fringe group, how do you get disproportionate publicity for your loathsome ideas? Do something that gives liberals a chance to smear conservatives as fascists. Published September 16, 2023