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The moon partially covers the sun behind the Statue of Liberty during the a solar eclipse on the Liberty Island, Monday, April. 8, 2024, in New York. (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)

Why faith and science aren’t at odds

Many millennials and Gen Zers have stopped believing in Christianity because they think that science and faith cannot coexist.

Elementary school students pose while attending LifeWise Academy released time Bible class. Though permitted under a 1952 Supreme Court ruling, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group, objects to the classes and sent letters to more than 600 Ohio school districts protesting the program.

MSNBC’s bizarre panic over kids’ Bible access

A recent MSNBC segment delivered an ominous warning about a "distressing" program impacting public schools and threatening communities across America -- an initiative host Alex Wagner fears could inextricably sway youths' hearts and minds.