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About Higher Ground

Today almost every major news outlet has embraced a post-truth perspective. Big Tech limits the reach of faith-based causes and issues. The only time you will find a major story about faith in the news is when it involves scandal.

America’s families of faith deserve better.

That's why I am excited to introduce you to Higher Ground, a news resource dedicated to helping Christian families navigate today's chaotic landscape.

Higher Ground, powered by the award-winning staff of The Washington Times, is committed to providing rigorous reporting, commentary, and analysis on national, global, and cultural issues through the lens of faith. We understand the challenges you face and believe in the importance of staying informed while upholding the values that have shaped our great nation: freedom, faith, and family.

A major initiative of Higher Ground is a series of online conversations with faith leaders. Our first event, a Q&A with Christian author Billy Hallowell and Washington Times columnist Dr. Everett Piper, covered back to school challenges for Christian families. You can watch a recap of this timely, important conversation here:

These conversations are a great resource for small group Bible studies to help prompt meaningful discussions, share perspectives, and strengthen the bonds within your community.

Our goal is to make Higher Ground a source of encouragement and insight in these uncertain times, to help you make informed decisions about the world around you.

Please sign up for weekly email updates at and follow us on Facebook at to be the first to know about future events, articles, videos, and podcasts that will continue to inspire and inform you and your family.

Join us on this journey to seek higher ground, where faith and news converge.



Christopher Dolan
President & Executive Editor
The Washington Times/Higher Ground