- Sunday, April 28, 2024

The left says there’s a civil war brewing, a conflict whose roots it finds in parents angry about LGBTQ indoctrination in the schools, pro-life protesters and the Jan. 6 fiasco, but not in the orgy of Black Lives Matter/antifa violence of 2020, chaos at the border, anarchy in the streets of our cities or the pro-Hamas mobs swarming over college campuses.

The fact that “Civil War” is the most popular movie in the country shows that audiences will swallow any absurdity as long as it’s sufficiently coated with graphic violence.

“Civil War” is about a future conflict that pits secessionist states, improbably led by Texas and California, against those loyal to the national government, mostly in the Northeast.

The film’s director and screenwriter, Alex Garland, won’t tell us what led to the carnage. A Brit, Mr. Garland knows as much about U.S. politics as I do about Ethiopian architecture.

He recently told an interviewer, “Extremism encourages extremism, and extremism is dangerous.” So, extremism is wrong, right? And in the words of Emil Faber — founder of the fictional college in “Animal House” — “Knowledge is good.”

Mr. Garland warns that extremism “is not abstractly dangerous. It’s dangerous in a really concrete, serious way,” which is about as deep as “Mairzy Doats.”

Like extremism, insurrection is in the eye of the beholder. The left is leading an insurrection against the Constitution. Instead of guns and bullets, it’s using the institutions of government to overthrow the republic.

President Biden, who looks like a walking cadaver, is digging a grave for representative government.

The president has decided he can ignore any laws or rulings he doesn’t like. The Supreme Court told him he lacked the authority to cancel student loan debt. But he does it anyway.

At his inauguration, Mr. Biden promised to “faithfully execute the office of president,” which includes securing our borders against foreign invasion. He immediately repealed every one of former President Donald Trump’s executive orders, which had impeded the influx.

The staggering number of illegals — currently at least 11 million, including those on the terrorism watchlist, hardened criminals, and trafficked women and children — testifies to his deliberate refusal to abide by his oath of office.

Now, his party is getting those who are here illegally to vote illegally to steal the next election. You might say that in this civil war, the Democrats’ bullets are ballots.

From New York to Georgia, Democrats are prosecuting Mr. Trump on trumped-up charges to keep him from campaigning and force him to use political funds ($66 million to date) to defend himself in court.

The judge in the so-called hush-money trial could throw him in jail for up to a month for violating a gag order by complaining about the travesty. And a member of Congress wants to take away the ex-president’s Secret Service protection if he’s convicted. In jail without Secret Service protection? Former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz says this is tantamount to a death sentence.

All in the name of saving democracy.

“Civil War” shows an insurrection in the streets with tanks and snipers. The Democrats’ insurrection is taking place in the courts, prosecutors’ offices, the Oval Office and newsrooms across the country.

Republicans routinely reject political violence. When it’s to their advantage, Democrats regularly embrace it. President Biden didn’t criticize the George Floyd riots until September 2020, when polls showed him losing on the issue.

At an event last week, the president said he “condemns antisemitic protests.” Still, he also “condemns those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians” — thus equating the terrorism in our streets with Israel’s war on terrorism in the Gaza Strip.

Believe me, Mr. President, we know what’s going on with the Palestinians. We understand that not only did they put Hamas in power in Gaza, but 71% of them supported the Oct. 7 massacre with its hideous atrocities.

There’s nothing the president wouldn’t do to win reelection, including betraying our only ally in the Middle East. For what shall it profit a candidate if he shall gain the Arab American vote in Dearborn, Michigan, and lose his soul?

No one who loves America wants to see another civil war. But some of us are working to prevent it, while others are working to provoke it.

Our country was born of a revolution in 1776 and may die in another 248 years later. The last was for liberty. The next will be for tyranny.

• Don Feder is a columnist with The Washington Times.

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