- Friday, May 17, 2024

President Barack Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America. President Biden is more ambitious. He wants to abolish America. In three years, he’s made an impressive start.

The left doesn’t want to govern. It doesn’t want to compete in the marketplace of ideas. It wants to turn this country into a “woke,” broke shell of its once great self.

We no longer have borders, even the semblance of safety in our cities, an impartial system of justice, or a military capable of defending us. The Ten Commandments have been replaced by three — diversity, equity and inclusion.

Mr. Biden doesn’t fit the image of a revolutionary — no bristling beard or fierce mustache, no hourslong harangues. He can barely stand unsupported for more than a few minutes. But a lifetime of rage has given him an appetite for destruction. Instead of rule or ruin, it’s rule to ruin.

At least 10 million have entered the country illegally under this administration — more than the population of 36 states. They include over 20,000 Chinese nationals, mostly men of military age, and hundreds on the terrorism watchlist. Their contribution to America may be seen in the actions of the six “migrants” who stomped two cops in Times Square in January.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports, 57% of likely voters said the purpose of porous borders is to keep the Democrats in power. Not coincidentally, 14 states do not require any form of ID to vote.

Political power aside, open borders are chaos for the sake of chaos.

Cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have been turned into cesspools of homelessness, drug abuse, crime and mental illness. San Francisco, which has maps to help pedestrians navigate piles of poop, now provides homeless alcoholics with wine, beer and vodka.

No one is safe on streets ruled by criminals and crazies. Random acts of violence are hardly news anymore. More police have been killed in the line of duty in the past three years than in any similar period on record.

Prosecutors like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg focus on punishing acts of self-defense, like the bodega owner who stabbed a thief who was trying to kill him and the Marine Corps veteran who put a chokehold on a homeless man menacing passengers on a subway car, resulting in his death. With hardened criminals and the violent mentally ill, it’s process them and get them back on the street as quickly as possible.

Democrats will have their 2024 convention in Chicago, whose mayor said teens rioting last year were “starved of” opportunities.

Hundreds of college campuses are bastions of support for one of the most evil gangs since the fall of the Third Reich.

Under President Biden, the national debt has grown from $27.8 trillion to $32.6 trillion. We’re now spending more to service the debt ($870 billion annually) than any other item in the federal budget, including defense.

Washington is spending our money at the rate of $80,000 a second. Much of this is politically motivated, like the president’s green energy scams. His latest student debt forgiveness plan will cost an estimated $84 billion.

Justice isn’t blind. Under Mr. Biden, it’s comatose.

The drama being played out in a Manhattan courtroom is part of a multistate effort to put ex-President Donald Trump in jail to keep him out of the White House.

An 87-year-old grandmother faces a decade in prison for singing hymns in front of an abortion clinic, while Hamas supporters are charged with misdemeanors for the violent takeovers of university buildings.

We are facing the greatest threats to our survival since World War II with a hollowed-out military.

The Army is the smallest it’s been since 1946. Except for the Marines, all branches of the armed forces consistently fail to meet their recruitment goals. But our warriors are well trained to combat White supremacy and misgendering.

When we fight the next war, where will we find allies? We build up our enemies — like China and Iran — while we undercut our friends, like Israel.

Don’t be misled by the president’s seeming confusion at public appearances. He and his handlers know exactly what they’re doing.

They are globalists who view a sovereign Amercia — strong, prosperous and free — as an obstacle to the coming world order.

They are bending every effort to make us fit subjects for the rough beast slouching toward U.N. headquarters.

• Don Feder is a columnist with The Washington Times.

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