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The governments of Ireland, Spain and Norway announced that beginning May 28 they would recognize a Palestinian state. Israel is ticked — rightly so. Hamas is cheering the news as a win — and pressuring other countries to follow suit. And Joe Biden — well, Joe Biden is busily practicing how to pronounce British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s name while his White House staff rush to correct his 10 mistakes from his recent NAACP speech.

The fact is, the Jewish nation, overnight, has become a bit more isolated. The Jewish people, overnight, have become a bit more imperiled.

Norway’s prime minister, Jonas Gahr Store, said a state of Palestine was “a prerequisite for achieving peace in the Middle East.” But that only holds true if “peace” is defined as the destruction of Israel and the eradication of the Israelis. A two-state solution has long been seen by all, save the very politically ambitious, the very ignorant and-or the very antisemitic, as the final nail to Israel’s coffin. 

It’s impossible to achieve peace with those who simply want to destroy you. The chant is “death to Israel” — and that’s quickly followed by the one that goes, “death to America,” as well as, “death to the West.” These are not bumper sticker slogans. These are the marching orders of Hamas leaders; of Hezbollah leaders; of Iran’s leaders — of the god of the Muslim terrorists.

Hasn’t Oct. 7 shown us anything?

“Americans should be all-in in helping Israel against an existential threat,” as Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, said a few days ago on NBC. “The one thing that Israel and America have in common — Hamas would attack us if they could — Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism that shouts ‘death to America,’ and Hezbollah’s in the same camp.”

Yes. Israel’s war is America’s war is all of sane society’s war.

“I’ve never heard anybody in Israel chant ‘death to America.’ The people Israel’s fighting are bent on destroying all of the Jews,” Graham continued.

Giving Hamas the gratification of being the hand that ushered in the recognition of a state of Palestine by three more nations is a terrible move that only emboldens more terrorists.

Seven member nations of the 27-state European Union recognize a Palestinian state. One-hundred and forty of the 190 nations with representation in the United Nations recognize a Palestinian state. America does not. Israel, of course, does not. America’s policy has been to support in theory an idea of an independent state of Palestine, but only as part of an agreement between Palestinian leaders and governing entities and Israel — not as an act of force.

But what the enemies of Israel and of America and of civil society can’t win by brute strength, they try to win, and succeed in winning, by public relations and public pressure. Hamas couldn’t defeat Israel on Oct. 7 — but Hamas is sure winning the world’s favor in the days and weeks and months since. How so? By propping the Palestinian people as poor victims of the Israel Defense Forces and by pretending the Israeli counterattack is too much, too aggressive, too over-the-top, the terrorists have managed to win sympathy, and now governments and media are joining efforts to pressure the Jewish nations to stand down and live and let live — to stop the attack — to stay out of Rafah — to come to the table and talk peace, peace, peace.

Terrorists don’t want peace.

Terrorists want the Jews to die.

The announced caving of Ireland, Norway and Spain to the terrorists’ agenda will only cause more turmoil and more heartache for the Jewish nation. And once again, remember the chants: The terror won’t stay within the confines of Israel.

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