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When Michael Cohen was asked during cross-examination by Donald Trump’s defense attorney, Todd Blanche, to clarify one of his many, many, many conflicting statements he’s made before and during this court comedy of dunces playing right now in New York — he said this: “Yes, I believe I was telling the truth.”

What more to say.

It’s bad enough this case was born out of a far-leftist district attorney’s hatred of Trump and campaign promise to bring down Trump. (We’re still waiting to know Trump’s alleged crimes, by the way.) But to move to hinge the arguments to convict on a convicted liar’s testimony — one who says in open court such things as “I believe I was telling the truth,” a phrase that could just as easily be rephrased to say, “I’m not sure I was telling the truth” — to base the case on that kind of testimony isn’t just laughable.

It’s criminal.

When Trump wins this November and takes over the White House in January of 2025, one of his first moves should be to counterattack those who unjustly, unfairly, abysmally and un-American-ly used and abused their positions to waste tax dollars to try and jail a political enemy, i.e. Trump, and silence an entire segment of society, i.e. conservatives and MAGAs and patriotic citizens. As Trump has repeated, the attacks against him are not simply against him — they’re against all of America First citizenry. The counterattack Trump must make from the White House in 2025 then is not just for his sake, but for the sake of all civil-minded, law and order-respecting, Constitution-loving American citizens.

We can’t have a country where politically ambitious scum buckets who register zero on the morality Richter scale are able to drag people they detest into court and run sham trials aimed at cowing them into silence and destroying their lives, and the lives of their families. That’s what communist countries do.

That’s not blind justice based on law.

“Tensions — and voices — rose on Thursday as Donald Trump’s lawyer hit back against prosecutors, accusing their star witness repeatedly of lying,” BBC wrote.

From the story: Cohen testified that he had spoken directly to Trump about the alleged hush money given to then-porn star Stormy Daniels. Turns out, Cohen had actually spoken with Trump’s bodyguard, Keith Schiller as well — according to phone records — and complained about a prankster who’d been calling him. The telephone call lasted one minute and 36 seconds.

Question from Blanche to Cohen: “You had enough time in that one minute and 36 seconds to update Mr. Schiller about all the problems you were having with this harassing phone call and also update President Trump on the status of the Stormy Daniels situation?”

Answer from Cohen to Blanche: “Yes, I believe I was telling the truth.”

Well, that might be a first for Cohen.

“By his own admission,” Politico wrote back in April, “[Cohen] has lied in court. He has lied to the media. And he has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

This is the guy who’s supposed to bring Trump down, prevent him from campaigning successfully for president, shut down the pro-Trump population in America, send the MAGA movement fleeing. 

The whole case rests on the hope that jurors hate Trump so much they will ignore the fact there’s no crime — the prosecutor has yet to show Trump purposefully and with intent to deceive falsified business records to pay Daniels for her silence. They hope the jurors hate Trump so much they will believe a convicted liar — once, twice, thrice time a liar. They hope jurors hate Trump so much that they simply shut their eyes and close their ears to all and mindlessly do the bidding of the far leftists who can’t stomach a second Trump presidency — and that all 12 of ‘em simultaneously become infected with this same Trump Derangement Syndrome disease. 

That’s beyond Hail Mary. That’s criminal deception and abuse of power and waste of tax dollars. And Democrats and deep-staters must surely one day pay.

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