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President Biden’s reelection campaign put out a wickedly funny political ad for Mother’s Day blasting Donald Trump as bad for families and telling women the Democrat Party was the only ticket they should consider this November. 

Oh, wait. They were serious.

Seriously? They can’t be serious.

Democrats — party of abortion on demand; party of men can be women by putting on a bra; party of Get Rid Of Girls’ Athletics; party of Hey, Parents, Sit Down And Shut Up public schooling — yes, that Democrat Party, actually dares put out an ad blasting Trump as bad for women, bad for mothers, bad for families?

Indeed. Nobody can be blamed for thinking it was satire.

“This is how Trump treats mothers,” the ad stated in letters on the screen, against a backdrop of newsy items showing Trump saying in an interview that states “might” monitor women’s pregnancies in areas where abortions have been banned — a remark he made that was much more about states’ rights than it was about surveilling women.

Context, schmontext.

Truth, schmuth.

“Do the moms in your life a favor,” the ad wraps. “Stop Trump.”

Want to confuse a Democrat? Ask for a definition of “mom.” Following three cringe-worthy minutes of hemming and hawing and sputtering and stuttering, something like this will come: “In my work, what I do is I address disputes. If there’s a dispute about a definition, people make arguments, and I consider all the arguments and then I decide which argument prevails. So I’m not at liberty to say which is the right definition at this point in time.”

That’s a fair-to-middling recitation of what transpired in Congress when Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the then-Supreme Court justice nominee, to define “woman.”

From Blackburn: “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?”

Jackson: “Can I provide a definition?”

Blackburn: “Yeah.”

Jackson: “No, I can’t.”

That should have disqualified her for the U.S. Supreme Court right there. But it didn’t.

Blackburn continued: “You can’t?”

Jackson: “Not in this context — I’m not a biologist.”

It went on.

Blackburn: “The meaning of the word woman is so unclear and controversial that you can’t give me a definition.”

Jackson: “Senator, in my work as a judge, what I do is I address disputes. If there’s a dispute about a definition,  people make arguments and I look at the law and I decide.”

This is called Democrat Logic, and it’s an infection of the mind that has spread throughout the entire political party, afflicting everyone from White House officials to local community School Board members. Its signs are belief in lunacy coupled with vehement hatred of all-things-Trump.

The idea Democrats are the party for women, for children, for families is its latest manifestation.

“Under Trump, the government will be allowed to monitor their pregnancies, and rip their families apart,” a Biden spokesperson said in response to Team Trump’s criticism of the Mother’s Day political ad.

But it’s Democrats who do what they accuse.

Under Democrats, the government has been able to pressure young children to change their genders — to demand operations they’re told will change their sexes — and to do all this behind parents’ backs, absent their knowledge and permission.

Under Democrats, the protests for pro-abortion, for abortion-on-demand, for unfettered access to abortion at all stages of pregnancy have taken up space in front of Supreme Court justices’ homes, despite laws that outlaw such public protests in front of these justices’ homes.

Under Democrats, the definition of the traditional family, with the ideal of a mom and dad in the home, has been degraded to the point where dads aren’t even necessary — in fact, they aren’t even wanted in most cases. In Democrats’ minds, all males should be fed heavy doses of ADHD pills at young enough ages so when they reach adulthood, they’re worthless compliant tools of the radical feminist left — extensions of women; Men In Name Only.

Democrats destroy families.

Democrats’ communist hopes for America’s future depend on their ability to destroy traditional families.

And Democrats have the gall to put out an ad attacking Trump on family values, and with Trump, all MAGA-type conservatives, including evangelicals, patriotic Americans, traditional-minded voters and the like?

If moms want to save America for the future for their kids — if moms want to see their children grow in a land of opportunity, prosperity, morals and liberty — then voting for Biden is about the worst move to make. Democrats used to represent the little guy, the blue-collar worker, the middle-class family and working-class voter. But no more. Not today.

Modern Democrats are Marxists. And with that Marxist view comes a full-court press to tear down family values and tear apart traditional families. And as the families go, so, too, the fate of the entire nation.

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