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Mother’s Day is a time for our country to rally around, uplift and herald the moms of our nation. But not everyone got that holiday memo, sadly.

In fact, New York Attorney General Letitia James, took the opposite tack. Ms. James, best known for her $355 million attack on President Donald Trump, chose this Mother’s Day season to launch lawfare against New York’s pregnancy centers that serve mothers.

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Far from impartially applying the law, Ms. James has no qualms about broadcasting her pro-abortion bias, going so far as to rally with abortion organizations and even tout signs declaring, “This Barbie is proud to support abortion.”

Last week, at least a dozen pregnancy centers, spanning the state, were hit with lawsuits from “Abortion Barbie’” Letitia James. In her notice, she threatened lawsuits and ruinous prosecution that could shut down every center, due to what she calls their trafficking of “misinformation” around Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). Ms. James threatened each center with $5,000 in fines for every “misinformation violation” – any time they give scared moms a second chance to save their babies’ lives.

Despite her “pro-choice” slogans, Ms. James is proving she’s not for giving mothers an alternative choice, nor is she for women correcting course to be mothers and save the lives of their children. APR uses progesterone, a natural pregnancy hormone, to counteract the chemical effects of the abortion drug mifepristone.

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It is APR that is credited with saving thousands of children’s lives when their mothers were desperate to rescue them from the lethal effects of abortion drugs. Just like little Aubrey Lynn, daughter of Katelynn, who was saved when her mother immediately regretted her abortion

Heartbeat International, a pro-life organization and target of Ms. James’ lawfare, said it best: “AG James is protecting Big Abortion in New York while denying…women the right to continue their own pregnancy.”

Americans, across party lines, overwhelmingly support the work of pregnancy centers to serve mothers.

Yet, Ms. James’ lawfare is just the tip of the iceberg on politically driven attacks on centers that serve mothers and support life. Democrats and their pro-abortion cohorts across the country have piled on the abortion-only bandwagon.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats have called for shutting down pregnancy centers. California Attorney General Rob Bonta has sued pregnancy centers for helping women save their babies with APR. And if the Biden-Harris administration has its way, pregnancy centers will be stripped of funding they’ve relied on for years.

Abortion activists lob attack after attack, despite the amazing community work these centers provide to moms across the country. A recent report from 2022 showed that pregnancy centers provided medical, material and educational services all valued at more than $350 million – typically at no charge.

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So where’s the “choice” for mothers?

Abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood do not even pretend anymore, shifting their message from “pro-choice” to openly calling their movement pro-abortion. NARAL completely erased “pro-choice” from their official name and branding. And Democrats, too, used to say abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” but now promote abortion on demand as the primary path for an unplanned pregnancy. President Biden and Vice President Harris are on an “Abortions around America” tour touting the need for the expansion of abortions rather than using their bully pulpit to push for greater financial and physical resources for pregnant moms in need.

It takes a holiday like Mother’s Day to put all of this into focus.

From the moment a woman becomes pregnant, she is a mother. Recent data tells us that America’s mothers are crying out for alternatives to abortion – better economics, greater resources, and stronger support networks. Despite what Nancy Pelosi or Senate Democrats say, more abortions are not the appropriate solution for improving the national economy or one’s finances.

This Mother’s Day, I invite Ms. James, the Biden-Harris administration, Democrats in Congress and pro-abortion activists to listen to mothers who’ve faced unplanned pregnancies and chosen life. We are stronger than you give us credit for, we just need a little help. Instead of only elevating abortion centers and eliminating pregnancy centers, we’re begging you to strengthen networks that provide us with years-long support and service. For us and our kids. Why not support crucial legislation like the MOMS Act in Congress that improves access to prenatal and postnatal resources? Why not lift up the thousands of pregnancy centers nationwide, that Americans already approve of and support? And finally, why not empower us with positive messages of hope coupled with direct action?

Imagine how strong and stable our families could be, if you all just believed that we were worthy of your time and support.

This Mother’s Day, let us nurture, not sever, our families.

Emily Erin Davis is a published author and bilingual media professional, communicating in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Previously, she served as a global humanitarian and content creator, providing on-the-ground news and help. You may have seen her or read her words at USA Today, Newsweek, Fox News and more. She’s currently continuing her humanitarian work as the VP of Communications at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, as she fights for everyone’s fundamental right to life. As great as her career is, her most impactful roles are mom and wife.  

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