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New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan fined Donald Trump $9,000 for exercising his God-given, constitutionally protected free speech rights.

The judge said it was necessary because the district attorney, Alvin Bragg, was losing his case faster than Joe Biden was losing the election, not to mention his mind, and that if Democrats were to win this November, something had to be done but quick. Merchan also warned that Trump could very well go to jail if he tries to speak again — after which Trump took to social media and spoke. 

These sure are exciting times.

In this corner, stands Judge Merchan with a wooden gavel and his daughter’s Democratic consulting firm; their Marxist beyotch Bragg; and a host of demons who see in Trump a chance to achieve great social reforms, like changing America into a banana republic and flipping freedom for communism. In that corner, stands Trump — and his middle finger. And my, what a long middle finger it is.

Merchan says this: “Defendant is hereby warned that the Court will not tolerate continued willful violations of its lawful orders and that if necessary and appropriate under the circumstances, it will impose an incarceratory punishment.” 

And Trump says this, on his Truth Social: “This Judge has taken away my Constitutional Right to FREE SPEECH. I am the only Presidential Candidate in History to be GAGGED. This whole ‘Trial’ is RIGGED, and by taking away my FREEDOM OF SPEECH, THIS HIGHLY CONFLICTED JUDGE IS RIGGING THE PRESIDENTIAL OF 2024 ELECTION.”

Fine this.

Bite this.

Merchan’s a ridiculous seeker of Democrat approval, anxious to do his part to stop the reelection of Trump, and the fact that he’s made it off-limits for a man in the midst of running for the most powerful and influential political office in the land, nay, in the world, to talk about conflicts of interests with this trial, that include the judge’s own daughter, makes him all the more ridiculous. As if the American people are too stupid to see what’s taking place here.

Democrats always overplay their hands. They get in their hate-filled bubbles with their hateful comrades-in-anti-Americanism-arms and plot and strategize and rub hands in excitement about the best ways to trash the Constitution and kill individualism and usher in a collectivist, Big Government, top-down total control state. Trump has been their special project for years. But he’s not going quietly — and that has these devils in an uproar. So they’re getting bolder, brasher, careless with their plots and strategies. They’re desperate, and their desperation is showing.

Fining Trump $9,000 for the crime of posting on social media some stuff the judge said he didn’t want to see or hear is not going to play well with the majority in America. Yes, Democrats will love the move. They’ll take to media and talk up how Trump broke the judge’s order; how Trump is lawless; how Trump breaks laws. Then they’ll tie all that talk to January 6, and warn about a Trump 2024 and about the dictator called Trump, how America as we know it will be destroyed if he’s elected. But quietly, behind the scenes, some in even the Democrat Party will whisper to themselves: What is this judge doing? They’ll whisper that because they see the polls that show Americans aren’t enamored with Biden and aren’t believing the Democrats’ lying defenses of Biden and are actually fleeing, according to polls, Team Biden in droves — and these few Democrats will see the judge’s ridiculous actions in clamping free speech as yet another nail in the coffin door that’s quickly closing on Dems’ electoral dreams.

Oh please, please, pretty please — pleeeaase, Judge Merchan, throw Trump in jail. We can’t wait for the t-shirts and coffee cups — and ballots.

Bite this.

Fine this.

Jail this.

It’s the P.R. for Republicans, for Trump, for White House 2024 that will keep on paying.

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