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new poll delivers some concerning revelations about Americans’ views on the First Amendment. As The Washington Times’ Sean Salai notes, “many want to limit that freedom.”

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Here are the shocking proportions of Democrats and Republicans who believe the First Amendment “goes too far in the rights it guarantees.”

Evangelicals lament immigration ‘drain’

A separate poll of U.S. evangelicals from Lifeway Resources shows half believe recent immigrants are a “drain on economic resources,” with the cohort also weighing in on how much they believe those coming to America are a threat to “law and order.”

“The results mark increases in negative views about immigration among evangelicals since a 2022 survey in which 33% said immigrants are a drain on resources and 30% said they are a threat to law and order,” The Times’ Mark Kellner writes. Check out the stats for yourself.

Supreme Court religious freedom concerns

Can jurors be dismissed because of their religious beliefs? That’s a question Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. said the high court could one day take on after the court declined to hear a complex case surrounding a lesbian who sued the Missouri Department of Corrections, arguing the department violated the Missouri Human Rights Act, which bans sex discrimination.

According to The Times’ Alex Swoyer, two jurors with religious concerns about homosexuality were not added to the jury. And some see this litmus test as problematic. Justice Alito wrote the following: “When a court, a quintessential state actor, finds that a person is ineligible to serve on a jury because of his or her religious beliefs, that decision implicates fundamental rights.” Here’s why it matters.

Video: Sen. Tim Scott’s deep faith

Sen. Tim Scott is a truly unique figure in American politics. The former 2024 presidential candidate and South Carolina Republican joined The Washington Times’ Higher Ground this week to discuss his support for former President Donald Trump, the major problems he believes are plaguing America, and the roots that set his unwavering faith into motion. Watch the powerful discussion.

United Methodist budget slashed amid LGBTQ rift

The LGBTQ rift inside the United Methodist Church has sparked a massive budget cut as congregations continue to leave the denomination. The massive 40% budget gash over the next four years could come with major implications. 

The budget cut stems from the exit of 7,673 of congregations from America’s second-largest Protestant denomination, Mr. Kellner writes. Here’s the story.

Podcast: Is surgically transitioning kids a diabolical evil?

Christian Post reporter Brandon Showalter has been on a mission to expose gender ideology, blowing the top off some of the most shocking stories of what he says is clear medical malfeasance. Listen to him reveal some stunning details — and what has him encouraged.

Best-selling author’s message for kids

Famed author Annie Downs is known for inspiring. She recently joined Higher Ground to offer up important messages for children and parents alike, explaining why she believes her kids’ books can help lead people to a deeper relationship with God.

In our opinion

Times columnist Billy Hallowell explains why he believes the rampant “Christian nationalism” panic must be called out for exactly what it is: an attempt by some to silence Christians.

Plus, Everett Piper in his “Ask Dr. E” column fields a question from a reader who says it feels as though “we live in a nation of teenagers whose only goal is to be popular.” This person asks, “Where are tomorrow’s adults? Where are our leaders?” Here’s Mr. Piper’s response

Finally, Rebecca Friedrichs and Roger Ruvolo accuse California unions of pushing sex on our kids and leaving them vulnerable to pedophiles. Read their argument.

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