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The United States — or, more specifically, President Biden’s portion of the United States — has sent a resolution to the United Nations calling for Israel’s immediate cease-fire in Gaza in exchange for Hamas’ release of all hostages.

Sounds tidy. But it’s truly a frightful warning to Israel that according to Bible truths, could bring great condemnation upon America.

Israel’s attempt to root out and kill Hamas depends on its military’s ability to finish the job. So calling for a cease-fire before the job’s finished means Hamas terrorists will have the opportunity to regroup, re-restrategize and, no doubt, replenish funding from Iran and launch yet more assaults on the Jewish nation. 

It’s possible that Biden’s dementia has caused him to forget that Hamas is the enemy and Israel the friend — but shouldn’t he have someone in his administration who could slip him a note? 

A demand for Israel’s immediate cease-fire is what the terrorists want; what the antisemites in the United Nations and global governments want; what the ignorant college kids on America’s places of higher learning, err, make that Marxist indoctrination, want; what all the anti-Israel and yes, anti-America and anti-West thugs and criminals and terrorists want.

“Secretary of State Antony Blinken … said in an interview Wednesday with an outlet in Saudi Arabia that the U.S. put forward a resolution that calls for an immediate cease-fire tied to a release of hostages,” The Hill wrote. “Hamas is believed to be holding some 100 hostages still alive in Gaza.”

And this is the strongly worded message that Blinken sent ‘round the world, in context of explaining the resolution.

“We hope very much that countries will support that,” he said. “I think that would send a strong message, a strong signal.”

Well, in a way, it does.

It sends the strong message and strong signal to the terrorists that America is throwing Israel under the bus.

That can’t be good for Jews.

That can’t be good for the Jewish state.

Once upon a time, it was unimaginable that America would — as Revelation times in the Bible suggests — join all the other nations of the world in turning against Israel.

Under Biden, under Team Biden, the unimaginable has become quite possible.

It’s a shame for America to turn its back on Israel in Israel’s dire time of need. It’s common sense for America to help Israel kill terrorists any which way we can; after all, killing Israel’s enemies is to kill the West’s enemies, as well.

This White House either doesn’t get that or is so enamored with the idea of a second Biden term, that the appeasement of the loud, pro-Palestinian factions calling themselves “uncommitted” voters — uncommitted, because Biden’s not doing their bidding about Gaza — has become the Democratic Party’s priority, even if it means leaving Israel’s national security slinging wide in the open, for all the terrorists of the world to potshot.

For shame. For shame and for America’s detriment.

As God promised in the Bible, those who bless Israel will receive His blessings, but those who curse Israel will receive His cursing. This is not an idle threat.

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