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We’ll start this week’s newsletter with a fascinating poll: a new survey finding politically conservative and liberal American evangelicals agree that homosexual activity, pornography, premarital sex, abortion and drunkenness are sinful. The results are eye-opening.

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U.K. rejects puberty blockers for kids

Across the pond, there’s a major development regarding the transgender debate. As The Washington Times’ Valerie Richardson notes, “Britain’s National Health Service will no longer routinely prescribe puberty blockers for children seeking to switch to the opposite gender, citing a lack of evidence on the safety and benefits of such treatment.”

It’s a major story that comes as the U.S. and other nations intensely debate the issue.

Democratic governor plans veto of transgender bill

While we’re on the subject, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, plans to veto a ban on high school transgender athletes competing on girls’ teams.

“I’ll keep my promise to veto any bill making Wisconsin less safe, less inclusive and less welcoming for LGBTQ people and kids — including this one,” Mr. Evers said. “And I’ll be damn proud to do it.”

Faith film’s Hollywood success

The film “Ordinary Angels” tells a real-life story of love, compassion and stepping up to help others in need. Starring Hilary Swank and Alan Ritchson, the movie has attracted favorable numbers from fans and critics alike and has surpassed more than $16 million in revenue.

Here’s the scoop, the real-life story behind the movie about a little girl’s liver transplant — and why it matters.

Author’s take on ‘very real heaven, very real hell’ 

Minister and author John Bevere reveals the moment God exposed his shortcomings and fear of rejection and how that started him on a new path toward truly loving others by sharing the truth even when it’s contrary to culture. In a video interview with the Times’ Higher Ground, Mr. Bevere tackles why culture has become more cynical and jaded over the last 40 years.

Celebrity’s strange gifts

Vaughn Cockayne covers the strange gifts singer Olivia Rodrigo gave her fans during a recent show in St. Louis (hint: it involves contraceptives).

“The pop sensation’s team partnered with Missouri abortion advocacy groups Right By You and Missouri Abortion Fund to hand out the materials at the show,” Mr. Cockayne writes

Religious row creates rift

A U.S. delegation’s visit to Saudi Arabia was cut short after hosts demanded the “Orthodox Jewish rabbi chairing the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) remove his religious head covering in public during the trip,” Mr. Kellner writes.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper of Los Angeles, the USCIRF chair, wears a yarmulke, or kippah, as part of his faith; he declined to remove it, and the delegation was “escorted out of the heritage site.” Read the full story here.

The hijacking of mainstream Christianity

Author Jason Jimenez is warning about the dangers of “progressive Christianity,” sitting down with Higher Ground to discuss his new book, “Hijacking Jesus: How Progressive Christians Are Remaking Him and Taking Over His Church,” and the movement’s efforts to dismantle the Gospels. Here’s what he had to say.

In our opinion

Protecting kids on social media. Columnist Billy Hallowell warns many parents might be harming their children. Mr. Hallowell writes, “If you’re a parent allowing your children unfettered access to social media, you’re willfully abdicating your responsibility to protect and at grave risk of irreparably damaging them.” Here’s his argument.

Raising solid Christian kids. Meanwhile, Everett Piper in his “Ask Dr. E” column tackles a pressing question for any Christian parent: “How do we raise kids to be responsible Christian adults rather than fragile snowflakes?” Here’s his answer.

The real threat to the U.S.? Alex McFarland breaks down why he believes “Gay nationalists are the real threat to America.”

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