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Fourteen Democrats joined with 212 Republicans on a resolution calling for President Biden to tighten up America’s borders and use his executive powers to slow the surge of illegals entering the country.

Read. Repeat. Fourteen Democrats. You know the border has gone wide open when even Democrats are calling for law and order.

According to the resolution, passed 226-193: “[I]n order to help control the crisis at the border that it has created, the Biden Administration has the authority to … end the catch-and release policy … reinstate the Migrant Protection Protocols … enter into asylum cooperative agreements … end abuses of parole authority … detain inadmissible aliens … use expedited removal authority … [and] rein in taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens.”

And all the Alejandro Mayorkas campers go: Gasp!! They said “illegal aliens!”

Thing is, Team Biden really could tighten up borders if Team Biden truly wanted to — and now, in print, on record, at least 14 Democrats in Congress are finally and openly acknowledging that fact.

The resolution adds that “the Biden Administration is refusing to use such authorities” and then presses for the Biden administration to “immediately begin using such authorities.”

Sounds sensible.

Seems sane.

After all, current figures suggest Biden is allowing into the country enough illegals to capsize the entire national economy and drain the taxpayer pockets within the next few years. How many hotel rooms can American citizens afford before the coffers for free housing for illegals finally run dry? As the saying goes, the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

Add to the economic woes these record-breaking numbers of illegals who present the tragic tales of human trafficking, sex trafficking, child trafficking; fentanyl and narcotics sales; gang member and cartel crossings; and the national security risk all these unknowns flowing to cities and communities around the country present — just ask Laken Riley’s parents for more information on that — and the recipe from this White House is called Disaster.

The question could be, why haven’t the Democrats done more to stop these dangers in the first place?

But at this point in time, at this Defcon 1 level that we’re facing right now in America, the more important question to wonder goes like this: Is it too late?

Biden’s favor with the American people has plummeted, in large part due to the crimes being committed in broad daylight that can be directly tied to illegals who’ve been allowed in or let go by Democrats — by Democrats doing the bidding of this Democratic White House. He has at his disposal a host of executive actions he could take to immediately address these security and safety threats that are coming from the open borders.

Maybe these 14 Democrats calling on him to do so will lead to him actually doing so — and if so, that’s a good thing for America. But it’s doubtful. When it comes to border policy, this administration has shown itself time and time again as prioritizing the destruction of American sovereignty and the securement of future loyal leftist voters — that is, illegals who are dependent on the government for assistance — over that of legal, hardworking, law-abiding U.S. citizens.

Fourteen Democrats feeling the pinch from their constituents aren’t likely to sway this White House differently.

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