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In the wake of 12 jurors ridiculously finding Donald Trump guilty of 34 felony counts for crimes that had they even have been committed, would have been misdemeanors at best — talk of civil war looming in America has returned in full force.

This is the world the Democrats bring.

They stoke flames then stand back and watch the mayhem, waiting for their time to swoop in and pretend to be peacemakers, mostly by bringing more government, more controls, more clamps to the people.

Look at these headlines, though.

“US ’Civil War’ Predicted on Russian State TV,” Newsweek wrote.

“MAGA Supporters Threaten ’Civil War’ In The Wake Of Donald Trump’s Guilty Verdict,” Yahoo wrote.

“The United States is lurching towards civil war,” The Telegraph wrote.

“Stephen A Smith reacts to Trump’s guilty verdict, says it ’all points to civil war,’” Fox News wrote.

And this, from Sen. Rand Paul, giving his take on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” about the verdict from Trump’s trial: “A sad day in America. And what I worry about is something even bigger than Donald Trump. I worry about strife. I worry about war in the streets. I worry about 50 percent of the public believing that the court system will be used against them. Once upon a time, it was because of the color of your skin; now, because of the shade of your ideology. I worry about that and I worry, when half the country thinks they won’t be treated fairly, what happens and how people react.”

War in the streets?

This is an atmosphere of strategic design by far-leftists who’ve taken over the Democrat Party with hopes of turning America, before Joe Biden leaves office, communist. And aside from attacking militarily, the best way to accomplish that is to destroy this nation from within — to open borders wide so as to allow in as many illegals from communist-leaning countries who will then demand much the same from American politicians; to divide the citizens of the United States into warring factions; to tear down traditional family units and traditional values and biblically based morals; to elevate all that’s evil, detestable, criminal, thuggish and immoral and squash as intolerant all that’s good and beautiful and decent; to crumble the justice system so that rights are wrongs and wrongs are rights and to ensure those who commit the wrongs are freed and defended as innocent; and to meanwhile, keep the hard-working in constant states of fiscal struggle so they have little to no time to combat and protest and overturn the strategically designed divisions and discordant acts. They’re too exhausted to fight. They’re too panicked to picket their politicians.

This is the way of Marxists.

This is how a nation of free citizens gets turned into a country of cowed citizens: one overturned system at a time.

Right now, it’s the courts that have become the weapon of choice for leftists.

And everybody who’s not a Democrat is in an uproar. Rightly so.

The trick is to stay calm, keep from committing the thuggish actions the tools of the Democrats like to commit in the streets. As soon as MAGA types take up stones and throw them through storefront windows, or take over city streets and proclaim them off-limits to, oh, let’s say, police — and call it a CHAZ zone, for example — well, then, that’s just the excuse the communists of the Democrat Party need to roll out the crackdowns on freedom and call for more government, more government, more government.

That’s just the excuse the Democrats seek to keep everybody locked in their homes, under some declaration of martial law billed as a necessary precaution to keep people safe.

That’s just the means the Democrats will use to declare a need for mail-in balloting, and stay-at-home voting, and here we go again — basement campaigning by Joe Biden.

It’s imperative for conservatives and MAGA types and Trump supporters to remain calm and of the mind that peace is of God and chaos and mayhem, of the devil. Let the left continue their lunatic paths.

Soon enough, the Democrats will be vanquished from the White House and President Trump will start the deep clean of the deep state and the disgusting cockroaches and rats and demon worshippers who’ve been unleashed under this Democrat administration will be pushed back into their dark corners and shadowy holes and murky pits. And America, under God, will return to lighter days.

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