- Sunday, January 14, 2024

Former President Bill Clinton is back in the news in connection with the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Mr. Clinton and sex scandals seem to go together like human feces and the streets of San Francisco.

During the 1992 presidential campaign, several of his state trooper bodyguards disclosed that as Arkansas governor, Mr. Clinton had tiptoed through the tulips with a parade of women. Some had to be dragged — which led to Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit, which led to perjury, which led to the discovery of the stained blue dress, which led to one of only three impeachments of a president.

According to recently unsealed court documents, the former president’s name appeared no fewer than 83 times in a civil case against Epstein. It’s alleged that Mr. Clinton was a guest on Epstein’s island of underage women and that the notorious pedophile told one of his victims that the ex-president “likes them young.”

It’s not hard to imagine Mr. Clinton being involved with the pimp to the rich and famous.

The bullets our 42nd president dodged must make Hunter Biden envious.

Recall the Democrats’ mantra during the Clinton years: “No big deal. It’s just about sex.”

When our 42nd president had an affair with an intern half his age, his defenders sneered: No big deal, it’s just about sex. Same thing when Mr. Clinton lied under oath about the affair.

Democrats repeated their incantation endlessly during the impeachment. Perjury isn’t serious if it’s just about sex. Lying to the American people? Again, it’s no big deal when it concerns hanky-panky.

It wasn’t just a way to protect one of their favorite presidents, but a tactic with broader ramifications.

The left has been on an endless and highly successful crusade to separate sex from morality.

Language has been altered to disguise reality. Prostitutes became “sex workers.” Statutory rape is “intergenerational sex.” People who sleep around aren’t promiscuous; they’re “sexually active.”

Some are in denial about basic biology. The governor of Ohio vetoed a bill to stop the chemical or surgical castration of minors to promote the illusion that you can change your gender.

It’s reached the point where a Supreme Court nominee claimed she didn’t know what a woman was. The right to choose of a person with a uterus?

Sex without consequences is the cornerstone of the revolution.

President Biden will base his reelection campaign on two issues: Donald Trump’s alleged threat to democracy and abortion.

Far-left Democrats are willing to support abortion up to the moment of birth. For progressives, abortion is the only “right” on which there should be no limits. Besides not knowing what a woman is, they don’t know what a baby is.

In his Jan. 5 campaign speech, Mr. Biden accused conservatives of seeking to “bury history and ban books.” The latter was in reference to the “great literature” that pollutes school libraries, such as “Gender Queer” and “It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex and Sexual Health.”

With anything relating to sex, the left insists that your children are fair game for experimentation and exploitation — that a child can be exposed to sexually explicit material without your knowledge or consent, can be helped to obtain an abortion without your knowledge or consent, can be forced to share a bathroom with people of the opposite sex without your knowledge or consent, and can “transition” without your knowledge or consent.

The goal is to eliminate the vestiges of Judeo-Christian morality. Sexual ethics are the bulwark of civilization. By preserving the family, they make society possible.

The left has always seen real religion as the chief obstacle to its goals.

It wants you to believe that the only god is government — in the words of Michelle Obama, “government does everything” — and its commandments must be obeyed without question.

How well progressive commandments work can be seen in the failure to form families, declining fertility, and spiraling rates of addiction, depression and crime, all driven by men who grew up in homes without fathers.

Sex is never just about the physical act. It’s about fidelity, the safety of women and children, and male socialization. Nothing is more important to our future as a people.

To the horrifying revelations of the rapes and genital mutilation of Israeli women on Oct. 7, Hamas supporters should respond: No big deal, it’s just about sex.

It worked for Democrats.

• Don Feder is a columnist with The Washington Times.

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