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Democrats are driven by delusion: Guns cause crime. Republicans are to blame for the border fiasco. Electric vehicles are the wave of the future. The polar ice caps are melting.

The ultimate fantasy is that a two-state solution will bring peace to the Middle East.

On Jan. 29, 49 Senate Democrats — all except Joe Manchin III and John Fetterman, who abstained on technicalities — co-sponsored an amendment to the Israel aid bill affirming U.S. support for the two-state delusion. All six Democratic senators who are Jewish joined their colleagues. They should return their bar-mitzvah presents forthwith.

Coincidentally, this was the day after Israel buried 24 of its soldiers who died fighting the future leaders of a Palestinian state.

The amendment affirms that the U.S. supports negotiations “resulting in two states with Israelis and Palestinians living side by side in peace, security, dignity and mutual recognition.” They have no idea how dumb they sound.

For a cold dash of reality, consider a Nov. 14 Arab World for Research and Development poll that showed 75% of Palestinians approved of the Oct. 7 massacre. They approved of the gang rape and genital mutilation of Israeli women, the beheading of babies and the burning of captives alive.

The same percentage said they supported a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.” Kiss Israel goodbye.

A Palestinian state would resemble Frankenstein’s monster with Arabic subtitles.

The residents of Gaza elected Hamas to power. If an election were held today, Hamas would win in the West Bank — Judea and Samaria — hands down.

The rival gang isn’t any better. The president of the Palestinian Authority and leader of the Fatah faction, Mahmoud Abbas, is a Holocaust denier who refuses to denounce the Oct. 7 attacks. The Palestinian Authority pays pensions to the families of terrorists who died murdering Jews.

Americans overwhelmingly side with our longtime ally Israel — with 59% more sympathetic to the Jewish state and only 18% more sympathetic to the Palestinians.

There is a partisan divide. Only 48% of Democrats are more sympathetic to Israel, versus 70% of Republicans. Those pro-Hamas demonstrators rampaging in our streets probably aren’t MAGA Republicans.

Senate Democrats share the fantasies of their party’s leader.

After Oct. 7 and the highest Jewish death toll since the Holocaust, President Biden declared: “I think Israel understands that a significant portion of Palestinian people do not share the views of Hamas and Hezbollah” — “significant” is here defined as 6.9%, according to the Arab World Survey.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured the king of Jordan of our continuing support for the Palestinian people and their “legitimate aspirations for self-determination and equal measures of dignity, freedom, security and justice.”

Regarding the aspirations of the Palestinians, when someone repeatedly says they want to kill you, chances are they want to kill you. When they murder 1,200 of your people in one day, many in the most hideous ways imaginable, that underscores their seriousness.

When they say that they want to wipe your country off the face of the earth, that isn’t a plea for peaceful coexistence.

What made World War II inevitable was that few leaders in the West took Hitler seriously. Remilitarization of the Rhineland? That’s cool. The Anschluss? No problem. Munich? Peace in our time.

Must the lesson be relearned in every generation?

Like Neville Chamberlain at Munich paving the way for the Second World War, the Biden administration set the stage for the latest war in Gaza. The Oct, 7 attack was planned in Tehran, which supplied the weapons and mobilized its proxy Hezbollah to open a second front.

By unfreezing $6 billion in Iranian assets, allowing the mullahs to sell oil on the open market and crippling our own energy sector, Mr. Biden gave Iran the resources it needed to set the stage for Holocaust 2.0.

The Democrats are in a bind.

They understand American support for Israel. But they must appease the party’s increasingly vocal left-wing base — represented by the 500 administration officials who signed a November letter protesting the president’s alleged support of Israel.

To reelect Mr. Biden and maintain control of the Senate, Democrats need Michigan’s large Arab American vote, which is threatening to sit on the sidelines unless the administration’s current, largely rhetorical position on Israel changes.

There are reports that Mr. Blinken is considering all options after the current fighting ends, including the United States supporting a “road” to Palestinian statehood.

The administration and Senate Democrats can afford to be sanguine about such a monstrosity. They don’t have to live next door to it. Israelis do.

• Don Feder is a columnist with The Washington Times.

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