- The Washington Times - Tuesday, February 27, 2024

If America is to be saved — if America is to be free — then it’s crucial to vote out all the Democrats that can be voted out, but quick.

The border situation alone is rapidly killing American Exceptionalism, and this Democrat-created chaos can’t go on forever. Sooner — much soon than later — the country will be filled with collectivist-minded people who think nothing of demanding the government provide everything, from cradle to grave. This is the Democrat playbook.

Flood the country will illegals, mainstream them and get them to the point where they can vote, and then promise them entitlements and redistribute wealth their way so they will never think of voting for anyone but Democrat Party politicians.

The Founding Fathers would be horrified. But this is what happens when a nation turns from its faith, and loses its concept of God-given liberties and rights and freedoms: it moves toward big, bigger, biggest government

“The foundation for morality is our Judeo-Christian heritage,” says Richard Levine, author of “Pillars for Freedom.”

And, he says, if Donald Trump doesn’t win in 2024, this country is headed for even darker days.

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