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Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during a recent visit to Israel that Hamas terrorists dehumanized the Jewish people during the October 7 terror attack, and that they continue to do so now, with the hostages they still hold — but then suggested Israelis were also dehumanizing Palestinians.

Talk about drawing a moral equivalency where no moral equivalency exists.

The difference is Hamas terrorists are — well, terrorists. And these terrorists attacked innocent Israelis on October 7. And this terror attack was horrific enough that it’s being called Israel’s September 11. And the ripple effects of these terror attacks are ongoing, in part because the terrorists refuse to release the hostages they still hold. And this terror attack is an all-out war on Israel. 

Compare that to Israel — which is now defending itself in a war the Jewish people did not provoke.

It’s not dehumanizing to defend one self from a dehumanizing enemy — an enemy so filled with hate the goal is to eradicate an entire population of people from the face of the earth.

“It made me angry,” said Gol Kalev, author of Judaism 3.0 and a columnist for The Jerusalem Post, on Blinken’s comments.

As well it should.

Hear more from Gol in Israel about the latest on the war, and the Jewish people’s reaction to the non-stop Biden push for a two-state solution — which is really a push for an end to Israel.

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