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JERUSALEM — President Joe Biden said he’s “outraged and heartbroken by the deaths” of aid workers in Gaza who were mistakenly killed by Israeli’s military as they were providing food for civilians in the middle of the war-torn strip of land.

As are all — even the Israelis. But let’s not lose focus on the reasons these aid workers were killed.

Had Hamas on October 7. 2023, not brutally and savagely attacked innocent Israeli citizens in their own Jewish state, IDF wouldn’t have launched a counterstrike on the terrorists, leading to a situation where these aid workers were placed in high-risk war situations in Gaza. Their deaths, while tragic, is a consequence of war the Israelis didn’t start.

In other words, the real innocence lost is that of the 1,200 or so murdered Israelis and foreign visitors to the nation, the dozens upon dozens abducted — some of whom are still being held hostage — and the families, friends and acquaintances of all those first-person victims. The terrorists are not the victims; neither, the Palestinian people who voted for Hamas, who aided Hamas, who cheered Hamas and who, to this day, continue to support Hamas.

Changing rhetoric and waffling alliances and shifting compassions do no good in wars against terrorists. The terrorists actually rely on such softening of hearts as part of their attack strategies. 

Israel,” Biden said, “has not done enough to protect civilians. The United States has repeatedly urged Israel to deconflict their military operations against Hamas with humanitarian operations in order to avoid civilian casualties.”


With friends like that, who needs enemies.

“Biden is actually playing into the initial strategy of Hamas,” said Alex Traiman, CEO of Jewish News Syndicate, in an interview at his office in Jerusalem.

Think about it. Hamas knows it doesn’t have the capability to win a direct war with Israel, so its plan on October 7, was two-fold, Traiman said: Draw IDF into Gaza where terrorists could then pick off the Jewish soldiers from behind entrenched hidden spots via bobby traps and guerrilla hits. And use the power of a heavily propagandized press to post photos that paint the Palestinian people as the victims and that push the international community to demand a ceasefire.

The greater the IDF casualties, the greater the calls from Israelis themselves to cease fire.

The greater the Palestinian civilian casualties, the greater the calls from the global community to cease fire.

“When the IDF would come in,” Traiman said, “if Hamas was hidden and has hidden all their infrastructure among the civilian population, then there would be no way that Israel would be able to conduct its military operations without killing civilians. And so Hamas was hoping that the death toll of its own civilians in Gaza would go up and up and up to point where the international community would basically put so much diplomatic pressure on Israel to stop the war and if even one Hamas leader is holding the Hamas flag and waving it after the IDF retreats, this is how Hamas wins the war.”

This is what Biden is emboldening.

This is how this White House is throwing aside logic and common sense and the realities of wars against terrorists to soften support on Israel, to soften international support for Israel and to strengthen the resolve of terrorists around the world who seek to first, eradicate the Jewish people; second, seize the lands of Israel and destroy the Jewish nation; and third, carry on that intifada war into the West.

What happens to Israel doesn’t stay in Israel.

Terrorists who hate Israel similarly hate America, and have the same devious, evil designs for America.they do for Israel. The chant is death to Israel, death to America, death to the West.

The war against Hamas is the war against Hezbollah is the war against Iran — is the war of terror versus civilized society. And in this war, there is no room for waffling or softening of resolve or collapses of moral truths. It’s terror or not. It’s terrorists or civility.

Biden and his White House either can’t seem to understand the tactics of the enemy, or think they are smart enough to outmaneuver the enemy with slick talk, simple persuasion and concessionary deals. That doesn’t just make this administration feckless and incompetent. It makes the world a more dangerous place.

And look around.

The world’s evil players have certainly seen the signs of weakness and taken full advantage. Election 2024 can’t come fast enough — and not just for the sake of America.

For more with Alex Traiman, including his thoughts on the deep state situation facing Israel’s conservatives, click on the video. 

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