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Gil Hoffman, executive director of Honest Reporting in Israel, a group with a mission to monitor the truthfulness of international media on all-things-Jewish-state, said the longer the war against Hamas wages, the worse the coverage grows.

“On October 7,” Hoffman said, in an interview in Jerusalem, “Israel received the most empathetic coverage it has received in some time from international media. It’s all been downhill from there.”

Context “has been lost more and more” and “it’s a problem,” he added. “Everyone tries to be even-handed but this isn’t an even-handed conflict.”

It’s democracy versus terrorism; celebration of life versus celebration of death.

It’s the fate of the Abraham Accords.

“The world … need[s] to know, they need to remember the biggest story in the world in September and the first week of October was the conference of Saudi Arabia telling Fox [News] that he intended to move ahead with the peace agreement with Israel.”

The agreement would have hugely increased the number of Gazans achieving economic freedom, and would have, in essence, “ended the Arab-Israeli conflict,” minus the fringe elements, Hoffman said. But “Iran wanted to stop it” so launched a proxy attack on Israel, he said.

International media outlets are failing to see that larger theme, and also failing to report how the Abraham Accords forged under the previous Donald Trump administration can still move forward, despite Iran’s resistance, Hoffman said.

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