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President Biden has ruined America’s economy, wreaked havoc at America’s borders and destroyed America’s respect on the international stage, first by bungling Afghanistan and then by continuing a foreign policy of talk, talk, talk, bow, bow, bow, and now, more recently, by emboldening terrorists to take up arms and more arms and yes, even more arms against America’s greatest ally, Israel.

If the scale is for epic fails, Biden’s White House scores are “off the chart.”

Some Americans just aren’t getting it.

“Biden Shrinks Trump’s Edge in Latest Times/Siena Poll,” The New York Times just wrote, citing new numbers that show Biden and Donald Trump in a virtual tie. How is that even possible?

“Biden sees highest approval rating since November,” The Hill just reported, citing a Financial Times-slash-University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business survey that gave Biden a 43 percent favorability rating, up four points since March. 

The only voters who could possibly be in the Biden camp are those who don’t pay attention to politics and those who pay attention but hate America — and Israel.

“Biden warns against Israel retaliation in wake of Iran aerial attack,” MSNBC News wrote.

“US will not take part in any Israeli retaliatory action against Iran,” Reuters wrote.

“Biden Will Not Support Offensive Military Strike Against Iran,” Forbes wrote.

Why not?

Here we have America’s greatest ally in the Mideast region under attack first from Hamas, and then from Hezbollah, and now, directly and not even by proxy, Iran — and Team Biden tells the Jewish people to shut up and take it. Not in so many words, of course. But it’s implied. And it’s significant how quickly that word gets out and about and around the international circles.

From Iran International: “US Would Not Play A Role In An Israeli Retaliatory Attack On Iran,” the headline stated. 

That’s music to the Ayatollah’s ears.

Now Israel’s put on hold its planned military operation into Rafah, to purge the last of the Hamas terrorists who attacked the Jewish people on Oct. 7, and that’s no doubt being seen as a win by the forces of evil. Spread Israel’s military forces thin; send out the propaganda dogs to perpetuate the myth that Israel’s the illegal occupier, deserving of massive attack; play to the progressive-slash-communist-slash-antisemitic mindset of many in the world’s governments and media outlets about the plight of the poor, poor Palestinian innocents — and then, while Israel pauses to recoup some of its support from the nations that are supposed to support peace and civility over terror and mayhem — then, hit ’em again with missiles from another source.

Hamas. Hezbollah, Iran. What’s next?

If Biden had stood steadfastly by Israel on the heels of the Hamas terror attack, instead of standing initially steadfast then moving away in the weeks that followed to call for cease-fires, and stand-downs, and pauses and the like — then Hezbollah probably wouldn’t have been emboldened to strike. Iran probably wouldn’t have been emboldened to strike. And who knows who and what next probably won’t be emboldened to strike.

Biden has a minimum of eight months left as president and commander-in-chief.

That’s a lot of time for America’s economic and societal downfall to continue its downward spiral. That’s a lot of time for Israel to suffer plenty more from its enemies.

That’s a lot of time for those of evil design to work their evil designs.

Biden is just bad for everyone who’s good.

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