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JERUSALEM — On October 7, 2023, Israel was struck hard by Hamas terrorists — and the world’s eyes viewed the Jewish nation and people with tears of compassion. Then blink, it was gone.

Headlines now blare of Palestinian casualties of war; of starving Palestinian children; of death tolls of Gazans and medical crises of Gaza civilians and of refugee and evacuee and fleeing status of Palestinian innocents. 

According to government sources in Israel, nearly every building in Gaza, including homes, had a tunnel entrance dug into the floor.

According to government sources in Israel, early every home in Gaza had rifles and ammunition and weapons of war stored beneath the beds of the children in that home.

According to recent polling from Israel, vast majorities of the Palestinian people both supported the Hamas terror attacks against Israelis, and the ongoing fight against the Jewish people.

Even the innocent Palestinians aren’t exactly innocent in this war on Israel.

Yet media from around the world focus on this: “Gaza death toll surpasses 30000 but it’s an incomplete count,” NPR wrote. Or this: “On 100th day of Gaza genocide: 100,000 Palestinians killed, missing or wounded,” ReliefWeb wrote. Or this: “Jill Biden reportedly privately pushing for end to war in Gaza,” The Times of Israel reported. Or this: “Joe Biden criticizes Israel for death of 7 aid workers in Gaza strike, says not enough done to protect civilians.”

That’s as thousands of Israeli soldiers and civilians are still recovering from injuries from October 7, or from injuries from the ongoing war to eradicate Hamas terrorists. That’s as dozens of innocent Israelis who were minding their business, doing their own thing, just living their own lives in the Jewish nation of Israel on October 7, are still behind held in unknown, probably abhorrent, conditions in Hamas capture. That’s as tens of thousands of Jewish families and individuals are living as refugees in their own country, forced to evacuate their homes along south and north borders out of concern of Hamas and Hezbollah attacks — forced to live in one-bedroom, small bedroom apartments and hotel rooms miles from their communities, with young children, with many young children, children who are boisterous and energetic and can’t go to school and don’t understand why they’re holed up in a teeny room instead of their home.

That’s as the real innocents of this war, the Jewish people, are continuing to face threats of attack and terror from their many, many enemies.

Compassion for the Palestinian people?

“I think there is a difference in being compassionate for all the innocent lives that are being lost and affected by this war and also transforming that into very blatant anti-semitism,” said Yael Eckstein, president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, in an interview in Jerusalem.

She went on: “What we’re seeing today is not just compassion for Palestinians but very clear anti-semitism and what that looks like is blaming Israel for an invasion in Gaza instead of blaming Hamas who’s still holding over 130 of Israel’s hostages the war would end very quickly if we would just get those hostages back and the terrorists would surrender.”

Yes. The compassion that rightly belongs to the Israelis has been exploited by the enemies of innocence and turned into a lie that’s now being played around the world. Hamas is not worthy of compassion. Hamas is a savage evil force — and the Palestinians in Gaza have allowed, even enabled, that force to exist.

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