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As a woman who has suffered through infertility and has gone through the in vitro fertilization process, I find abortion abhorrent. Still, that does not negate my sympathy or empathy for women who are faced with a choice no woman wants to make: Whether to go through an abortion or not.

To save America, Republicans must win elections. To do this, they need to recognize where voters are and meet them there — including on the topic of abortion.

On Monday, former President Donald Trump did just that, saying states should decide what is to be accepted, putting the decision closer to the people. He reiterated his belief in exceptions for rape and incest and to save the life of the mother. He declined to endorse a 15-week federal ban, earning the ire of many in the pro-life community, including his former vice president, Mike Pence.

Mr. Pence said that the former president’s stance was a “slap in the face to the millions of pro-life Americans who voted for him in 2016 and 2020.”

Others were harsher.

Pro-life advocate Lila Rose slammed Mr. Trump, saying he “supports killing some preborn children and will even make that his position in an attempt to get pro-abortion votes,” warning that support from the pro-life movement won’t materialize if he doesn’t backtrack on his position.

Although I admire Ms. Rose, does she sincerely believe reelecting President Biden will further her cause? And to Mr. Pence, who rode to the White House on the back of Mr. Trump, does he sincerely believe Mr. Trump is not ardently pro-life?

It was Mr. Trump who nominated the three Supreme Court justices who overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. It was Mr. Trump who reinstated the Mexico City policy that barred federal funding going to organizations abroad that perform abortions. It was Mr. Trump who blocked federal funds for Planned Parenthood and other centers unless they stopped providing abortions or referring people for abortions.

So, to the pro-life community, is he so bad?

Let’s debate the meaning of abortion “rights.” It was never a constitutional right, but it’s an unfortunate reality we need to address. Nowhere did our Founders believe this “right” could come up. Nowhere in the Bible is it explicitly clear that abortion should be allowed under the 11th Commandment.

It’s nuanced, it’s personal, and it’s a plague on our society that shows us how sick we are.

There would be no Planned Parenthood if there weren’t a demand. Unfortunately, there is a demand. We, as conservatives, must recognize this fact. We must address it. As I was talking to my editor this week, murder is outlawed, but murder still exists. This is an issue of the soul.

No woman gets an abortion because she wants to. Those who do suffer psychological trauma and feel they can’t get help from anyone. Those who do fear they’ll be alone and desperate. We all probably know a woman who has made this choice, and it’s heartbreaking.

In our communities, we must help these women. We must show them there are other options. We must guide them to pregnancy centers, which can help them with health care, their career, financial management, adoption and child care options, and material support for things like diapers, clothing and formula. We must show them that they’re not alone.

Is the pro-life movement ready? That’s the question. Donald Trump just gave us the road map — it’s up to us, in our towns and cities, to make a difference. Will you show up to vote in November? If not, you are guaranteeing Mr. Biden’s victory. Once again, I ask: Will that further your cause?

Hearts and minds need to be won, but they haven’t been yet. It’s up to us to help convince the wary, show compassion and empathy, debate, and hold firm in our stance. It’s not productive to throw away an election because we haven’t won 100%.

Pro-life movement, you’re not there yet. But don’t help reelect President Biden.

• Kelly Sadler is the commentary editor for The Washington Times.

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