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Dear Dr. E: With all the turmoil in our world, it is easy to get distracted while we try to raise our children. If you could instruct American parents to do one thing and one thing only at this particular moment in time, what would it be? — WANTING TO BE A GOOD DAD FROM CALIFORNIA

Dear Good Dad: If I were limited to only one word of advice, it would be to repent. Until we humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from our wickedness, God will not hear us, nor will he forgive our sins or heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

First and foremost, we must repent for what we have done to our children.

Repent of telling them that evil is good and good is evil, that darkness is light, and light is darkness, that bitter is sweet, and sweet is bitter.

Repent for teaching them that left is right and right is wrong, that true is false, and falsehood is true.

Repent for acting like a career is more important than character, money is more important than morality, and information is more important than integrity.

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Repent for promoting sexual promiscuity more effectively than sexual restraint.

Repent for emphasizing self-esteem over science and civics. Repent for elevating values clarification over virtue. Repent for diminishing the value of marital fidelity and leaving our progeny clueless about how to defend the definition of marriage.

Repent for telling the generation that follows us to believe it has the authority to redefine life for the generation that follows it. Repent for teaching them that “choice” gives them the power to take away the right of the weakest to choose.

Repent for our narcissism: For proclaiming we are “as God”; that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and that we are the change we seek.”

Repent for making justice unjust and injustice just. Repent for celebrating lies rather than pursuing truth. Repent for our self-refuting duplicity of pedantically preaching that the tolerant don’t have to tolerate those they find intolerable.

Repent for the hypocrisy of hating those we find hateful.

Repent for dumbing down the definition of the imago Dei to the imago dog, for diminishing human identity to little more than the sum total of our base inclinations, appetites, proclivities, passions, feelings, and desires.

Repent for pretending that women should not be subjected to the power and passions of men but then electing men who subject women to their delusional and dysphoric passions.

Repent for teaching young men to view young women as little but objects of recreation. Repent for teaching young women to accept this insult to their dignity.

Repent for boasting of freedom while living in bondage to our own deception.

Repent for separating head from heart and fact from faith. 

Repent for severing belief from behavior and religion from reason.

Repent for “removing the organ and demanding the function”—for creating “men without chests”—for the foolishness of “gelding the stallion and bidding him be fruitful.”

Repent for confusing liberty with license and freedom with fascism.

Repent for teaching our children to worship government more than God and to trust in Caesar more than Christ.

The first thing our nation must do is repent! Repent and ask God to forgive us for what we have taught our little boys and girls. Repent and beg him to rescue our children from the ugly hell of our own making. Repent and plead that God will withhold his hand of judgment, remove the millstone from around our neck, and pray that he will rescue our sons and daughters from the consequences of our arrogance and pride.

Heavenly Father, we repent! Please save those who follow after us, oh Lord. Save them from our lies and grant them freedom only found in your truth. We repent in the name of Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, our Savior and our Lord. Please forgive us, God, for what we have done to our children.

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